In photos: giving the second chance to enjoy life

Ten years ago, a bomb went off in the Thailand-Myanmar border that handicapped an elephant, but the organizations for protecting animal rights in Thailand have given the second chance to the elephant to enjoy life.

The elephant is called Mosha, and she has received nine prosthetic legs as gifts ever since she lost one of her legs. By the time she lost her leg, she was 600 kilogram and now she is 2000 kilogram.

The Thai organization for protecting elephant rights has so far given 9 prosthetic legs to Mosha because the legs get unused after awhile, so they need to be replaced every now and then.

The first hospital, specialized for the elephants, was established in 1993, and it could be stated that it is the only hospital all over the world that specialized to elephants.

By Rizgar H. Qasim



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