PUK Co-President: Kurdistan Coalition is for the sake of Kurdish unity in Baghdad

22/6/2021 14:08:00

The Co-President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Lahur Talabani on Tuesday welcomed Matthew Tueller, the US ambassador to Iraq, Rob Waller, the US Consul General to the Kurdistan Region, and an accompanying delegation.


In the meeting, the Co-President exchanged views on the latest developments and changes in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region at all levels, as well as finding a resolution to overcome the challenges.


"We agreed on unity between the parties for the sake of the region's peace and political stability," Talabani said.


PUK's Co-President pointed to the formation of the Kurdistan Coalition between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Gorran Movement for the upcoming elections, for the sake of unity and strength of the Kurdish position in Baghdad.


He added, "we will also want to motivate the other parties to come under the umbrella of the Coalition after the elections because we believe we are stronger together and can achieve our Kurdish rights in Baghdad."


Talabani reiterated that they will not participate in senseless internal fighting, and they call for a peaceful end to the tensions that are taking place. 


"As the PUK we have expressed our readiness to reform and unite the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces," PUK's Co-President.


Talabani emphasized that the principle of cooperation, the balance of power, and the equality among the military leadership, training, and arms will be a suitable ground for the unification of the Peshmerga forces and for the Kurdistan Region to be owners of an organized, well trained, and strong force.


"The continued presence of the International Coalition Forces in Iraq is necessary to help the Iraqi army and Peshmerga forces, especially in the fight against terrorism," the Co-President said.


Talabani pointed to the situation in Shingal and emphasized the neglect they have suffered and the needed participation of Yazidis within the framework of the Shingal agreement, which is an important factor in providing the security of their area.


The Co-President extended their appreciation to Rob Waller, the US Consul General to the Kurdistan Region, as his tenure comes to an end and wished him success in his future duties and as the Presidency of the PUK, he expressed their support for the efforts and activities of the human rights organizations in the Kurdistan Region.






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