Agreement between PUK, Gorran is the beginning of new phase in partisan life, says PUK media official

21/6/2021 14:18:00

The agreement between Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Gorran Movement (Movement for Change) is the beginning of new phase in the partisan life, said Abbas Aziz, head of PUK's Media Office.


"The agreement is very important following a period of tension between the two parties in previous years and its negative effects," Aziz said, stressing that the agreement between the PUK and Gorran is the beginning of a new phase in the partisan life and the restoration of water to its streams and also contributes to the normalization of the situation in the Kurdistan Region.


"The agreement also contributes to urging citizens to participate in the elections more and contributes to restoring the spirit to relations between the two sides and providing services, especially since the Kurdistan Coalition's motto is to provide services to citizens," he added.


Aziz emphasized that the agreement does not target any political party, but rather an electoral agreement for the next stage. 


The PUK and Gorran Movement finalized a bilateral agreement between their parties in a signing ceremony on May 17 of 2016 at former Iraqi President and PUK's then Secretary-General Mam Jalal i’s residence in Dabashan, Sulaymaniyah.


"The PUK and Gorran concluded the Dabashan Agreement in 2016, with the role of the late nation's president, Mam Jalal and Nawshirwan Mustafa, with the aim of normalizing relations and coordination and humiliating challenges," Aziz said.


"The new leadership of the PUK realized the challenges and difficulties facing citizens in addition to security and economic challenges, which requires agreement and unification of ideas, efforts and energies, which is the beginning of the normalization of relations and the development of joint political action, and a good step to end the tension in the Kurdistan Region and the disputed regions in a way that meets the aspirations of citizens for security, stability and prosperity," he added.


From his part, Arkan Raouf, a member of the Media Chamber of the Gorran Movement, told PUKmedia that "The Kurdistan Coalition is working to guarantee the rights of the Kurds during the next 4 years," pointing out that "the entitlements will not be achieved in Baghdad without coordination and cooperation among all Kurdish blocs in Baghdad."


"The agreement of the Gorran Movement and the PUK aims to improve the conditions in the Kurdistan Region, and the conditions of citizens in particular, and is not against any party, in a manner that serves the citizens and the public interest," he said.


The PUK and the Gorran Movement has officially announced last May the formation of a coalition called the Kurdistan Coalition to enter the upcoming legislative Iraqi elections in one list.


Iraq will hold elections on October 10, ahead of schedule. Early elections were one of the demands of protesters who took to the streets in October 2019 across central and southern Iraq demanding a change in the political system of the country. 









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