Head of PUK Relations Bureau: Preserving unity of Kurds in Baghdad avails resolving issues

17/6/2021 16:56:00

Soran Jamal Taher, PUK Politburo member and Head of PUK Relations Bureau, on Thursday welcomed at the PUK Politburo Headquarter in Sulaymaniyah Mr. Abdulrahim Yousuf Hassan, Charge d’Affaires of the Consulate General of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon in the Kurdistan Region. 


In the meeting, the latest changes in the region were discussed, highlighting political, economic, and health-related developments of the Middle East. 


Later on, the historical relations of both nations were discussed, which were founded by the Late President Mam Jalal and King Abdullah, reaffirming that both sides must continue along the same path to serve both brother nations. 


Regarding the upcoming elections of Iraq which are scheduled to be held on October 10th, Dr. Soran reiterated that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan desires a transparent election to be held on time and that the highest rate of voters participate in the elections. 


The Head of PUK Relations Bureau mentioned the Kurdistan Coalition which is formed between the PUK and Gorran Movement, indicating that next week a worthy ceremony will be held for the formation of the coalition to introduce it as a factor in protecting Kurds’ rights and encouraging further participation of Kurds in Baghdad. Dr. Soran stressed that preserving the unity of Kurds in Baghdad will have a better role in resolving the issues and strengthening the position of Kurds.






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