"Unity of Kurdistan parties pave ways into attaining Kurds rights," says Lahur Sheikh Jangi

11/6/2021 09:22:00

Kurdistan Region - Sulaymaniyah, on Thursday Patriotic Union Co-president, Lahur Sheikh Jangi welcomed Ulric Shannon, the Canadian Ambassador to Iraq, and Ashley Durec, the head of the Canadian Embassy office in the Kurdistan Region. 


In a meeting, both sides exchanged views on the political and security situation in the region, Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, as well as the upcoming elections. 


Sheikh Jangi reaffirmed the stance of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) regarding unity and reconciliation between the parties in order to provide peace, security, and stability for our citizens. As well as expressing the returning to dialogue and a peaceful path is the best option to end the ongoing issues.


He added, "We emphasized that the PUK will have the lion's share in putting forth efforts to solve the issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government, and to abide by the agreements between the two sides on the basis of the constitution. These efforts are in order to secure the region's financial shares and salaries and to solve the issue of Kirkuk and the disputed territories. We agreed on the issue of terrorist threats and ISIS sleeper cells, especially in areas where there is a security vacuum, and that we can end these threats through joint operations between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army. "


With regards to the upcoming elections in Iraq, Sheikh Jangi mentioned that they believe that the elections are an important democratic process and through it, they can obtain their rights and achieve real changes. For this reason, the PUK supports free and fair elections free from any interference, to be held on time and under the auspices of United Nations and international observers. 


At the end of the meeting, Sheikh Jangi emphasized that the unity of the Kurdish parties paves the way for them to attain their rights and results in strengthening the Kurdish position in Baghdad. For this, and for the sake of the higher interests of our people, the PUK and the Change Movement formed the Kurdistan Coalition to participate in the elections and urge all the other sides to gather under the umbrella of this list in order to preserve the unity of the Kurds.





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