UN to continue providing humanitarian assistance to IDPs in Iraq

10/6/2021 12:05:00

The Humanitarian Coordinator and UN Deputy Special Representative for Iraq, Ms. Irena Vojáčková-Sollorano, visited Shariya IDP Camp in Dohuk governorate. The visit came in the aftermath of a fire on 4 June, that destroyed some 288 tents in the camp, leaving over 1000 persons homeless.


Ms. Sollorano met with BCF Camp Management staff and representatives of the UNHCR led Camp Coordination and Camp Management Cluster to discuss current needs and the way forward. Representatives from BCF Camp Management, UNHCR IOM, and OCHA, met the Humanitarian Coordinator on the visit to the camp.  Resources were swiftly deployed last Friday to put out the fire, secure the area and support those impacted.  Temporary tents, alternative shelters, water, hot meals, and Core Relief Items were provided. During her visit to Duhok, Ms. Irena Vojáčková-Sollorano met with families that were affected by the fire and listened to their concerns and the challenges facing them.


“While I am saddened by the fire incident last Friday, the UN welcomes the KRG and the Governor of Dohuk’s decision to allow the construction of semi-upgraded shelters so that camp residents can live in safety and with dignity. I hope this will put a stop to any such incidents happening again in the future” said the Humanitarian Coordinator. 


Representatives from BCF Camp Management, UNHCR, IOM, and OCHA, met with the Humanitarian Coordinator and facilitated her visit to the camp.


The UN underscores the increased need to find durable solutions to end displacement in Iraq. All forms of durable solutions have to be voluntary, safe, dignified, and sustainable. The creation of safe conditions and the availability of basic services are an essential.


Ms. Vojáčková-Sollorano reaffirmed the UN’s commitment to continue providing humanitarian assistance for both IDPs and returnees.




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