Fate of over two thousand kidnapped Yazidis is still unknown

8/5/2021 13:48:00

The fate of over 2,000 Yazidis kidnapped by ISIS terrorists is still unknown, said the head of Kidnapped Yazidis Agency.


ISIS terrorists kidnapped over 6,000 Yazidis when they attacked and occupied Shingal - the main land of the Yazidis in Iraq- in August 2014, but their search continues.


Hussein Qaedi, head of the Kidnapped Yazidis Agency in Duhok Governorate, told PUKmedia: "We've got information about some of those kidnapped in some places.. our search will continue to find them."


He also explained that there are many mass graves that have not been opened so far and many of those missing were found after authorities opened mass graves in Shingal. 


Only 3,545 people have been rescued from ISIS terrorists, 339 men and 1,205 women and the rest are children.


The ISIS attacks that began on 3 August 2014 resulted in thousands being killed: the United Nations estimates that 5,000 Yazidi men died in the massacre. Yazidi men who refused to convert to Islam were executed and dumped in mass graves; many boys were forced to become child soldiers. An estimated 7,000 Yazidi women and girls, some as young as nine, were enslaved and forcibly transferred to locations in Iraq and eastern Syria. Held in sexual slavery, survivors reported being repeatedly sold, gifted, or passed around among ISIS fighters.


ISIS gained full control of one third of Iraq till 2017 when Iraq announced regaining full control of the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar, and Saladin and parts of Kirkuk and Diyala.






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