Gold Runner to be screened in London Kurdish International Film Festival

26/4/2021 19:22:00

Kurdistan Region - Monday, Gold Runner directed by Touraj Aslani to be screened at London Kurdish International Film Festival.


Mansour Jahani - The movie "Gold Runner" directed and produced by Touraj Aslani will be screened in the "Main Competition" section of the 12th London Kurdish Film Festival in the United Kingdom. 


Gold Runner, directed and produced by Touraj Aslani and written by Touraj Aslani and Hadi Nadi, has been screened at various international film festivals around the world and has won prestigious awards; In its latest international presence on behalf of Iranian cinema, the 12th London Kurdish International Film Festival will be screened online in the "Main Competitive" section. 


The 12th London International Kurdish Film Festival and the 8th Yılmaz Güney Memorial Short Film Competition screened about 100 works in three categories: feature films, documentaries, animations, short, fiction, documentary and experimental formats, in several competitive sections, including; "Main Competitive"، "Competitive Short Film" section, "Competitive Documentary Short Film", non-competitive comprising different sections inckuding "Selection of the best works of Yılmaz Güney", "Review of the works of Kazım Öz", "Review of the works of Veysi Altay", "Animated short films", "Once upon a time in Kurdistan", "Children in Film", "Women in Film", "Culture Celebration", "Classical Kurdish Cinema", "The Struggle Continues", "Beyond the Borders", "Screen War", "Tales of Exile" as well as "Master Class of Ebrahim Saeedi", a director and editor from Iran, and "Master Class of Hüseyin Karabey", a director from Turkey, will be held online from April 16 to 27, 2021 in London, England, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus. 


The film was displayed in the 37th Fajr Film Festival. Jaleh Sameti, Saeed Aqakhani, Payam Ahmadinia, Lotfollah Seifi, Hassan Zahedi, Davoud Mirabadi, Alireza Mehran, Omid Rouhani, Mohammad Farahani, Mahmoud Shafikhani, Reza Shafikhani and Amin Aqazadeh are playing in this film. 


Distributed by Arthood International Company, the film has so far attended in New Currents section of Busan International Film Festival in South Korea. "Gold Runner" is the first directed film by Aslani, who has so far received several international awards as camera managers of numerous films. "Gold Runner" directed by Touraj Aslani would participate in the competition section of the " World Cinema" of 7th Duhok International Film Festival in Iraqi Kurdistan. The film also won the best screenplay prize of Indian Chhatrapati Shivaji Film Festival.


The cast of the film is as follows: Director: Touraj Aslani Scriptwriter: Touraj Aslani, Hadi Nadi Music: Masoud Sekhavat Doust Cinematography: Hassan Aslani Sound designer: Ali Alavian Edit: Amir Adibpour, Hamid Aliqolian Sound: Mohammad Salehi Costume Design: Majid Ali Eslam Makeup Designer: Reza Arabi Investor: Fereshteh Joqtaei , Touraj Aslani Producer: Touraj Aslani Planner: Aqil Taqizadeh.





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