Iraqi PM stresses the need for reconstruction, food market control in the country

6/4/2021 22:23:00

Iraqi PM, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi on Tuesday, stressed the need to protect citizens from the eagerness of merchants of people's food.


Al-Kadhimi said during the cabinet session today: "I alerted to an important issue, which is the high prices of foodstuffs, and I asked the Ministry of the Interior and the National Security Agency to follow up and inspect and went out myself to the market."


He added: We must protect the citizen from the eagerness of merchants in the food markets, and we will not allow the bidders to exploit the economic situation, according to a statement issued by his office.


Adding to that, he said; we have worked for months to address the crisis and the demands of our people in Nasiriyah, and we have allocated a special fund for the reconstruction of Dhi Qar. We hope that its money will be spent in a way that serves our people in the governorate, pointing out that due to known circumstances and various problems, some of them are legal, the position of Dhi Qar governor became vacant, and the decision As follows:


The selection of the governor of Dhi Qar after consultations and interviews included most of the popular, tribal, and administrative activities in the governorate.


He indicated that regardless of the name of the governor, I appeal to my people in Dhi Qar to put their hands in the hands of the local government, and we will put our hands in Dhi Qar’s hand and we will all cooperate to advance the reality of the governorate.


He stressed that after the House of Representatives approved the budget, we must all work urgently to implement its provisions and serve our people, this year must be an exceptional year in converting the budget - despite the observations on it - into a concrete workshop, explaining that he will appoint an advisory council in Nasiriyah linked to the prime minister, and will continue with the governor and the council all the details of the reconstruction of Dhi Qar on a daily basis.



PUKmedia / PM Media Office 


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