PUK Co-leader: We will continue the approach and policy of Mam Jalal

6/4/2021 11:19:00

Bafel Talabani, the co-leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), issued on Tuesday, a statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the election of the deceased nation, President Mam Jalal, as President of the Republic of Iraq.


Bafel Talabani said in the statement: 


Today is the 16th anniversary of the election of President Mam Jalal as the first Kurdish President in the history of Iraq. We salute this great anniversary with pride.


April 6 for us is the day of fulfillment and continuing to follow the wise approach and policy of President Mam Jalal, the day of carrying out our responsibilities towards our people and all the values ​​and principles that President Mam Jalal defended.


Democracy, harmony, and coexistence were the political foundations of Mam Jalal, and we will carry this banner. Dialogue and understanding will be the strategy of our work and we will continue on the approach of President Mam Jalal.


Iraq is going through difficult situations, the lack of confidence between the forces and the parties and the failure to hold a national dialogue to address the problems confirms to us the importance of the efforts and role of President Mam Jalal, Mam Jalal was an umbrella for all Iraqis and his wise policy brought all parties together on one dialogue table, and all parties know this fact are witnesses of it and his continuous efforts for the success of the political process in Iraq are always appreciated.


Bafel Talabani

Co-Leader of the PUK


It is noteworthy that Today, April 6, 2021, marks the anniversary of the election of President Jalal Talabani (Mam Jalal) as President of the Federal Republic of Iraq, which came during the fourth session of the National Assembly headed by Dr. Hajim al-Hassani, head of the assembly, on the morning of Wednesday, April 6, 2005, at the Conference Palace in Baghdad.






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