Mam Jalal.. From a Peshmerga to the first Kurdish President of Iraq

6/4/2021 10:57:00

Today, April 6, 2021, marks the anniversary of the election of President Jalal Talabani (Mam Jalal) as President of the Federal Republic of Iraq, which came during the fourth session of the National Assembly headed by Dr. Hajim al-Hassani, head of the assembly, on the morning of Wednesday, April 6, 2005, at the Conference Palace in Baghdad.


In its session, the assembly elected President Jalal Talabani from the Kurdistan Alliance list for the post of President of the Republic, Adel Abdul Mahdi from the National Iraqi Alliance list, and Sheikh Ghazi al-Yawar from the list of Iraqis as two vice-presidents, where the candidates received (227) votes out of a total of (257) votes.


In 2003, after the US and its allies were able to empower and destroy the Baathist regime in Iraq, a temporary assembly was formed to govern Iraq. 


The assembly continued its work for almost two years until the Iraqi Council of Representatives was established in 2005 on April 6, 2005, and that was when President Mam Jalal was elected as president of Iraq which was the first time in the history of Iraq for a Kurd to become President of the whole of Iraq.


President Mam Jalal played a significant role in managing Iraq and also introducing the Kurds to the world because the election of a Kurdish President as President of Iraq was a dream of every Kurd, which draw the attention of many countries around the world. President Mam Jalal's efforts have been appreciated by many Iraqis as he was like an umbrella for all Iraqi components.


That day was a historic day for the Kurdish people because on that day George Bush, who was the then President of the United States, congratulated President Mam Jalal that great success and people of the Kurdistan Region took to the streets without any difference and expressed their happiness and joy that a Kurd was elected to lead Iraqi. President Mam Jalal also received congratulations from many Arab and European officials.


The re-election of President Mam Jalal 


In 2010, another election took place in Iraq for electing members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and President Mam Jalal was elected as President of Iraq by members of the elected Council of Representatives and so he was once again President of Iraq until 2014.


What happened...


After two years of his re-election and on December 17, 2012, President Mam Jalal was taken abroad and stayed in hospital after his health deteriorated, although the enemies made a lot of reports that he was not alive. All these false statements were denied in 2014 when he returned to the Kurdistan region in July of that year, where he was welcomed among the crowd.


The role of President Mam Jalal


After the fall of the Baathists, and after President Mam Jalal was elected as President of Iraq, he was able to gather all Iraqi components under one umbrella of peaceful coexistence, which was a difficult task, and Iraqis high valued this effort. But after he became ill, the problems had once again risen. So far no one has been able to gather all Iraqis like President Mam Jalal, where with his intelligence, he was able to manage that difficult task because Iraq has many components, including Kurds, Arabs, Turkmens, Yazidis, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Christians, in addition to Arabs who are both Sunni and Shia sects.


Mam Jalal's story was very difficult because differences of opinion made all the problems more complicated, but he was loved by all Iraqis and they always seek help from him to solve the problems throughout his presidency era which was until 2014, after which D.Fuad Masum became the President of Iraq.






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