Two Kurdish journalists win Emmy Awards

5/4/2021 11:24:00

Two Syrian-Kurdish journalists won Emmy Awards as field producers last March for the two films "The Fall of the Caliphate" and "Kidnapped by ISIS" that were produced by HBO.


Barzan Esau, a Syrian Kurdish journalist and producer from Kobani, won two Emmy Awards as a field producer within the team of the films "The Fall of the Caliphate" and "Kidnapped by ISIS" produced by international HBO company.


Barzan's award was sent to his place of residence in Western Kurdistan which is in northeastern Syria.


Another Kurdish journalist, Abdul Rahman Daoud, from Qamishlo city won the same award for the same films, also as a field producer, but he has not yet received the award.


On the twenty-second of September of last year, the two documentaries were presented before the jury of the "Emmy" award and won the award for "best story."


The movie “The Fall of the Caliphate” was filmed in the Syrian town of Baghouz, the last stronghold of “ISIS”, in which it narrated the clashes that took place there from the Hajin area to the last point of the war against ISIS terrorist organization.


As for the movie "Kidnapped by ISIS", its story is revolved around the story of two American children, whose mother got married to an ISIS affiliate in Syria and joined the organization, and their real father begins to search for them in Baghouz.


The Emmy Award is an American award given to various TV series and programs, established in 1949, and it is like the Oscar, but while the Oscars are limited to cinematic production, the Emmy is specialized in the television production sector. The award is organized by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, an organization consisting of media and leading figures from more than 50 countries and 500 companies from all television sectors around the world.






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