Currency exchange rates in the Kurdistan Region

5/4/2021 11:05:00

On Monday, the price of 100 USD in the currency markets in the Kurdistan Region reached 147,000 dinars.


The prices of the remaining currencies against the Iraqi dinar are as follows:


100 Euro = 172.000 dinars.


100 pounds = 201.100 dinars.


100 Turkish lira = 18.250 dinars. 


100,000 Iranian tomans = 6.000 dinars.


Currency exchange rates against the dinar has recently hiked in Iraq, which largely relies on oil sales and is facing large budget deficit due to the drop in oil prices as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


To cover the budget deficit, the Iraqi government has conducted a currency devaluation by almost 20% in the 2021 budget to address the problem.






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