KRG: Autonomous Administration representative recalls tragedy of Halabja

16/3/2021 16:29:00

The Autonomous Administration representative of Northern and Eastern Syria in the Kurdistan Region, on Tuesday, recalled the 33rd anniversary of the bombardment of Halabja City. 


In a statement, the representative said, "On this day, March 16, 1988, the Saddam Regime forces bombed the Kurdish city of Halabja with internationally prohibited chemical weapons as part of a series of genocide policy against the people of Kurdistan, where more than five thousand victims were killed and dozens were injured. Thousands of different wounds, as the martyr city lives its effects to the present day. "


 The statement added, "On this painful occasion on the hearts of the sons and daughters of our people, as we renew our condemnation of this brutal act, we call on the sons and daughters of our Kurdish people to strengthen them to preserve the gains in Bashur and Rojava to liberate the Kurdish regions in Rojava after Turkish hatred and aggression that bombed masses, people and trees in Afrin, Sre Kani and Kri Spe".


Immortality for the martyrs of the Halabja massacre and the martyrs of Kurdistan.


Shame and shame for killers, criminals, and occupiers.


Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria in the Kurdistan Region





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