Cabinet General Secretariat: A monument in Baghdad documenting ISIS terrorist crimes against the Yazidis

25/12/2020 19:41:00

The Director General of the Non-Governmental Organizations Department in the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Mr. Muhammad Tahir Al-Tamimi, stressed the need not to forget what happened to the Yazidi community in Sinjar in 2014, as it is one of the most heinous crimes against humanity.


This came during his participation in the Diwani Order Committee meeting No. 37 of 2020, which was held in the Baghdad Municipality building headed by its Secretary, Engineer Alaa Maan, and in the presence of representatives of the concerned authorities, as well as a Yazidi human rights activist, regarding the establishment of a museum and a monument in Baghdad to document ISIS terrorist crimes against the Yazidis and introduce the Yazidis' history and culture.


He added that the committee is working to implement and study the design presented by the Iraqi Yazidi architect Dersem Khairy Naamo, who lives in Germany and drew the idea of ​​the project inspired by the Yazidi traditions and symbols in addition to documenting some painful stories and genocide after ISIS entered Sinjar district, as the memorial embodies culture and the original Yazidi history.


The meeting also discussed the mechanisms of financing the project through civil society organizations or donors, while the Mayor of Baghdad submitted a proposal that the museum building include a research center concerned with intellectual diversity, spreading the spirit of tolerance and combating violence and extremism, stressing that the Baghdad Municipality will work to find a distinct site for the monument and the museum with the preparation of an extensive study for the project details including surrounding areas and road network.






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