PUK's Khanaqin Organizations: We will work to return Peshmerga to the region

15/5/2020 22:26:00
     PUK's Khanaqin Organizations: We will work to return Peshmerga to the region

The Khanaqin Organization Center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan condemned the terrorist attack on Mubarak village in the Khanaqin district of Diyala governorate.


Last Thursday, ISIS terrorists attacked Mubarak village in Khanaqin, by shooting towards the village, which resulted in the death of 2 villagers and the injury of another.


The PUK's Khanaqin Organization Center condemned the attack and said in a statement: "The terrorists once again attacked, with their chauvinist mentality, the Kurdish citizens in the Khanaqin district and burned the agricultural crops of the Kurdish farmers," pointing out that these attacks target the Kurdish villages to displace their people from their lands and areas of origin.


"After the terrorists attacked the villages of Mekhasi Kakie and Tafraqa, the terrorists attacked Mubarak village, which led to the martyrdom and wounding of a number of citizens, in addition to burning farms and orchards of citizens in the region," the statement added.


The Center continued in its statement that it strongly condemns the attack on the village of Mubarak, and the martyrdom of the Asa'ad Majid Dara and the injury of a number of other citizens, offering condolences to the families of the martyr, pledging to work to return the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to work in cooperation with the Iraqi Security Forces to protect citizens, and to cleanse the region from terrorists and their remnants.


Activities of remnants of ISIS terrorists is still present in Iraq despite announcing victory in 2017, especially in the areas disputed between KRG and the Iraqi government, such as Khanaqin, as they exploit the security gap present in those areas.


Officials from the Kurdistan Region, along with civilians in the disputed areas, have long called for the return of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to their areas to fill the security gaps. However, so far, there has been no solid attempt from Baghdad to address the problem.


It is noteworthy that the disputed areas, located north of Iraq, are areas defined by Article 140 of Iraqi constitution as being Arabized during the rule of former dictatorial Iraqi Ba'ath regime.




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