PUK's Bloc calls for compensation for victims of Anfal crimes

14/4/2020 10:45:00
     PUK's Bloc calls for compensation for victims of Anfal crimes

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's bloc in the Council of Representatives, issued a statement on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the Anfal crimes against the people of Kurdistan.


The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's bloc said in a statement: "Today marks the 32nd anniversary of the most heinous crime of ethnic cleansing and genocide carried out against the people of Kurdistan by the defunct Baathist regime led by the tomb dictator Saddam Hussein and under the name of Anfal."


"The fascist Ba'ath regime, led by the dictator Saddam Hussein, and as part of its brutal policies of ethnic cleansing and genocide of the people of Kurdistan, implemented the Anfal crimes in 8 stages that led to the martyrdom of 182,000 innocent Kurdish citizens, women, children, youth and the elderly, and where men of the fascist regime took them to the detention centers and buried them in mass graves and to this day, most of them are still missing," the statement stated.


"The fascist Ba'ath regime did not stop at killing civilians only, but also destroyed more than 5 thousand villages and destroyed the infrastructure of Kurdistan and carried out the operations of Arabization, deportation and demographic change in Kirkuk and the rest of the disputed areas," the statement explained.


"After the liberation of Iraq in 2003, the Anfal file was defined in the Iraqi High Criminal Court as genocide crimes and a portion of the criminals who carried out these crimes were punished, but our mission has not ended in this regard yet and all of the wanted criminals must be brought to justice and the rest of the legal procedures regarding this file should be completed," the statement mentioned.


"The families of Anfal victims must be compensated materially and morally, and provide them with a better life, and intensify efforts at the international level to define Anfal crimes as genocide. On this anniversary, we bow to the Anfal martyrs and announce that we will not forget the sacrifices and tragedies of the Anfal crimes and we will work and strive to consolidate the constitutional and democratic rights of the people of Kurdistan, those rights for which tens of thousands of martyrs and Anfal were sacrificed," the statement clarified.


(Translated and Edited by Zryan Jamal)


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