This is the state of education in Iraq

11/4/2020 20:09:00
     This is the state of education in Iraq

The Norwegian Refugee Council has prepared an accurate report on the conditions in Iraq in general and the education process in particular. The research shows that since the outbreak of the ISIS war, the Iraqi government has cut aid and cooperation to (5\2) million children across Iraq, or has reduced them to nothing. 


This is against the Iraqi constitution and the Ministry of Education law which affirm that education is free at all levels of education, as well as providing all educational needs. Among those numbers, there are 770 thousand refugees who inhabit inside and outside the camps, and 240 thousand of them have not been provided with educational opportunities  since last year. In fact, the Iraqi government has never committed to the recommendations of the United Nations, in particular the fourth item of the BST program related to education in general and also the calls made to the Iraqi government regarding the education process to help refugee children and not deprive them from education and to provide educational opportunities for refugees.


For this purpose the Iraqi government requested an amount of money, but from the $ 35 million USD ,that was to it, the government spent only half of the money. . Tom Costa, the coordinator of the Norwegian organization under these extraordinary circumstances, confirms that the best way to create job opportunities is education, especially for young people, for the purpose of providing extra job opportunities for them so that they can find jobs for themselves and also stresses that the Iraqi government if it does not pursue that opportunity quickly, it will possibly fall. That organization and from its research shows that the educational process and since the year 2014, i.e. , the beginning of the ISIS war, have been completely neglected, so that it mentioned the Nineveh Governorate as an example. The organization confirms that not a single teacher has been appointed, and this has led to a decrease in the number of teachers by 32%, while that region is the second Iraqi city. 


At the present time, the number of teachers in that governorate has decreased from 40 thousand to 25 thousand  teachers, and the reduction in the number of teachers in this manner has led to large numbers of students leaving their studies with a percentage of 28% of girls and 15% of boys, but the number is less in the primary stage and is about 6.9 Girls and 2.7 boys who work outside of their schools in order to make a daily living for their families and this is in contravention of international laws, human rights and children. The Norwegian organization confirms that the Iraqi government’s negligence on light of this huge financial resource, because the majority of schools have three study shifts, and this is what led, especially in schools that have three shifts, to shortening school hours, and this undoubtedly affects the scientific level of students. In spite of the non-systems, and the chances of studying disrupted, the number of students in one time is very high and reaches about (650) pupils.  It is worth noting that 50% of the school buildings were destroyed during the past four years without the government trying very hard to reconstruct them.


This is the state of education in Iraq and this is what motivated the Iraqi people to demand the removal of officials who created all these bad conditions. As a result of these data and the current circumstances, I ask the provincial government to solve the deficiencies in the education process, especially in the personnel, buildings and curriculum, and more importantly, a clear educational philosophy because among the process there is a set of accumulated and profound problems for which appropriate and serious solutions must be found and if it is too late not regret works.



Written by Abdalwahid Mohammad 






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