WHO: United Nations praises courage of Iraqi health workers

7/4/2020 12:12:00
     WHO: United Nations praises courage of Iraqi health workers

As Iraq and the world tackle the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, this year’s World Health Day is like no other. Today, we pay tribute to all the health workers on the front lines. They provide treatment and care for affected patients, selflessly risking their lives to save ours.


Amid this global pandemic, their efforts and sacrifices are recognized with immense gratitude. The tireless and exemplary work of Iraqi medical practitioners is critical to keeping citizens healthy, and their work is only more significant during the current crisis.


As pointed out by the World Health Organization (WHO),  COVID-19 confirms how important it is for all health workers to have access to the most up-to-date knowledge and guidance in responding to such crises. It also underscores the critical need for personal protective equipment, to ensure they can safely provide care and reduce their rate of infection.


COVID-19 is a global threat that ignores differences in gender, education, belief, ethnicity or wealth. The way to respond to a universal crisis is through solidarity between people. To protect our communities, we must continue to focus on prevention, following the advice and instruction of local and national authorities by maintaining physical distance and proper hygiene.


As we celebrate World Health Day, we pay tribute to Iraqi health workers and their colleagues across the world. They form the backbone of the global response to the outbreak. The understanding that this is a fight for each and every individual remains key: no medical practitioner can go it alone. Their work, strengthened by the solidarity, compassion and patience of all, will see us through this crisis.


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