Robots Wore Gowns During Graduation Ceremony in Japan Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

5/4/2020 19:49:00
     Robots Wore Gowns During Graduation Ceremony in Japan Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Students and Staff are currently working remotely from Home, with Schools and Universities are Closed amid coronavirus Pandemic. People are Observing all Kinds of Social Distancing Protocols in order to avoid the Spread of Novel Virus. Robots Wore Gowns During Graduation Ceremony in Japan Amid COVID-19 Pandemic.


As per the World Health Organization (WHO) advice, the best way to prevent infection is by avoiding all kinds of peer to peer interactions.


So, if the Lectures, Exams can Invariably be Adapted Online through different Mediums, you’d definitely think that Graduation Ceremonies would be off the Hook? Well, think again, because a University in Japan has gone ahead by using Robots for Graduation Ceremony!


The Business Breakthrough University (BBT) in Japan found a way to carry out Graduation Ceremony without Breaking Social Distance Amid the CoronaVirus Pandemic. The Graduates couldn’t attend the Ceremony in Person because of the COVID-19 Outbreak in the World.


The University used “NEWME” Robots in place of four Students who were currently SELF-ISOLATED in the House. The rest of the graduating students used Zoom to attend the ceremony. In total, four students used the robots to collect their certificates from the president of the university, Omae Kenichi, while the rest of the graduates took part in the ceremony via video call app Zoom.


Robotic Graduation Ceremony

The Avatars have four wheels which operate as legs and tablets for faces, which the self-isolated graduates appeared on via video link.


One of the students who attended graduation in the form of a robot said: “When I enrolled, I never thought I would operate an avatar to attend the graduation ceremony.”


The novel and innovative ceremony was the idea of Professor Shugo Yanaka, Dean of Global Business Administration at the university.


He said: “While new coronavirus measures are required, the introduction of avatars can realise a warm online graduation ceremony. We hope this initiative will be helpful to educational institutions who are having difficulty holding graduation ceremonies and entrance ceremonies.”




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