Baghdad organizations recall the genocide of the Faili Kurds

4/4/2020 16:57:00
     Baghdad organizations recall the genocide of the Faili Kurds

On Saturday, the Baghdad Organization Center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan issued a statement marking the anniversary of the genocide against the Feyli Kurds by former Iraqi Ba'ath Regime.


The text of the statement follows


On the occasion of the passing of 40 years over the martyrdom and the forced deportation of the Feyli Kurds, a greeting to the souls of the martyrs and their families. Greetings and peace to families who have been displaced between countries and have not yet received their true identity and shelter. The Ba'athist regime carried out mass extermination of the Faili Kurds for two reasons: firstly that they were Kurds, and the second because of their sect, as it wanted to wipe their trail by pulling out their roots.


Rabihah Hamad


Baghdad organizations Head


It is noteworthy that the Feyli Kurds are an ethnic group historically inhabiting both sides of the Zagros mountain range along the Iraq-Iran border, and can be considered a cross-border population. Today, the estimated 1.5 million Faili Kurds in Iraq live mainly in Baghdad, as well as the eastern parts of Diyala, Wasit, Missan and Basra governorates. A sizeable population can also be found in the autonomous Kurdistan region. They speak a distinct dialect of Kurdish, which is a sub-dialect of Luri. Unlike the majority of Kurds, who are generally Sunni Muslims adhering to the Shafi’i school of Islam, Faili Kurds are Shia Muslims. Their dual Shi’a and Kurdish identity has historically exposed them to stigmatization and persecution, most notoriously in 1980s with the start of the Iran-Iraq war under the Ba’ath regime.



(Translated and Edited by H.H.)






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