Pioneer Company in Sulaymaniyah produces free medication to treat coronavirus

30/3/2020 16:29:00
     Pioneer Company in Sulaymaniyah produces free medication to treat coronavirus

Pioneer Pharmaceutical Company, which is based in the city of Sulaymaniyah, has begun preparing to start making "Hydroxychloroquine" medicine for the benefit of the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the Regional Ministry of Health, which will be free of charge in support of the health sector in Iraq in general.


"Pioneer Pharmaceutical Company is a private joint stock company that initiated the production of the drug "Hydroxychloroquine", which is currently used in most countries of the world for the treatment of coronavirus patients with another drug "Azithromycin" which is being produced by our company for years," Sa'ad Faeq Kulk, chairman of the Pioneer Pharmaceutical Company in Iraq, told PUKmedia.


"we initiated bringing the raw materials for the making of this drug from international sources, which all international companies have increased its demand on them in the recent period, and we, in turn, will put our production of the drug in front of the Iraqi Ministry of Health for free as soon as possible to serve the community and humanity and as oor national role to support the the health sector in Iraq as a whole," he added.


Dr. Abdul Salam Suda, Director of Product Development and a specialist in pharmaceutical marketing at the Pioneer Company, stressed that "out of the commitment of the Pioneer Company for International Industries and its role in community service and health sectors, the company has initiated the provision of all support methods for this important sector, especially at this critical time that Iraq is going through due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic by providing the necessary medicines and intravenous solutions to the Ministry of Health and other health sectors."


Dr. Abdul said that the company has assumed responsibility after the success of the drug "Hydroxychloroquine" in France first and then the rest of the countries, respectively, and begun producing this drug to be available in Iraq to save the sick and treat them. " 


Adding that "The product will be free of charge and available in the markets through the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the Regional Ministry of Health in the coming days and it will be a pure Iraqi production and after securing the local surplus, the next stage will be exporting it to abroad and to neighboring countries."


On the other hand, Dr. Ahmed Youssef, a clinical pharmacy specialist and director of the marketing department of the Pioneer Company, confirmed that "the drug "Hydroxychloroquine" was studied in France on 40 people infected with the virus and the drug efficacy was 12-60%, and with the addition of the drug "Azithromycin" available in our company as "Zetroner", the effectiveness reached 100%, and these drugs were approved by the World Health Organization, most of the European countries, China, and the Gulf countries and now in Iraq."



(Reported by Adnan Jaff from Sulaymaniyah, Translated and Edited by H.H.)







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