Al-Zurfi meets ambassadors of UN Security Council's permanent members

25/3/2020 22:01:00
     Al-Zurfi meets ambassadors of UN Security Council's permanent members

Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zurfi On Wednesday, met at his headquarters in the capital Baghdad, the ambassadors of the UN Security Council's permanent members, Russia, China, France, the United States of America and Britain.


The media office of the Prime Minister-designate said in a statement, which PUKmedia, received a copy of it: "The meeting dealt with a series of crises facing Iraq, the countries of the region and the world against the background of health risks due to the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic."


"The economic situation was also discussed because of the collapse of oil prices in the global market, and the future of international relations due to the serious repercussions of these two challenges . In addition to studying the political situation in Iraq and its consequences in light of the delay in forming the government." the statement explained.


"Al-Zurfi presented the five ambassadors his vision regarding the formation of a national government representing all colors of the Iraqi spectrum, characterized by efficiency and ability to face internal and external crises responsibly," the statement explained.


"He also Stressed the necessity to respond to the demands of demonstrators in the cities of central and southern Iraq, and to hold early free and fair elections in cooperation with the United Nations, which included a fair and transparent representation of all components without exclusion or marginalization. Eliminating armed conflects and restricting weapons to the state’s hands in a manner that preserves its prestige and safeguards the sovereignty of Iraq. He also emphasized the reconstruction of the devastated areas and the return of the displaced people to their homeland, as well as its endeavor to strengthen Iraq’s relations with neighboring countries, the region and the world. He called on the governments of friendly countries to support the next government in dealing with the existing crises and resolving the outstanding issues," the statement stated.


PUKmedia \ Media office of designate, Prime Minister


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