US announces additional financial aid to Iraq to confront coronavirus

25/3/2020 20:45:00
     US announces additional financial aid to Iraq to confront coronavirus

The US embassy in Baghdad announced on Wednesday, that they would provide additional financial assistance to Iraq to tackle thecoronavirus.


The embassy stated in a statement which, PUKmedia received a copy of it: "The United States government has provided $ 670,000 from the USAID Emergency Contingency Reserve Fund to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 virus in Iraq," explaining that "the US Agency for International Development provide this money to the World Health Organization to support Iraq readiness and response to the COVID-19 virus. "


"This money will contribute to support the objectives of the preparedness and strategic response plan to stop further transmission of COVID-19 virus in affected or endangered countries, and reduce the outbreak speed of the disease in all countries," the statement added.


The statement quoted US Ambassador to Baghdad Matthew Tueller as saying, "Today's announcement shows the strength of the US-Iraqi partnership, we are committed to fighting this epidemic alongside the Iraqi people, and that the support provided through the World Health Organization will directly enhance the ability to combat the spread of the Corona virus - COVID- 19".


"These funds provided to the World Health Organization will assist the governments of affected developing countries that are currently at risk in preparing laboratories to conduct large-scale investigations of the COVID-19 virus, implementing an emergency plan for health procedures at entry points, and activating procedures to detect cases, symptoms and similar diseases look like influenza, train and equip rapid response teams to investigate and track the close relatives of the infected people, and to adapt health workers to COVID-19 related material. " Tueller said.


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