Sulaymaniyah uses plasma technique against coronavirus

25/3/2020 12:33:00
     Sulaymaniyah uses plasma technique against coronavirus

The General Directorate of Sulaymaniyah Health on Wednesday, announced the use of blood plasma technique to combat coronavirus.


"Plasma is a component of human blood — specifically the liquid part — which contains, among other things, antibodies that contribute to a body’s immune response," TechCrunch news agency said.


Dr. Sabah Hawrami, Director of Sulaimaniyah Health, said in a statement, which PUKmedia, received a copy of it: "Continious discussions between doctors for a period of time led to the use of a "blood plasma" treatment to treat the Coronavirus, especially after the American FDA approved the technique."


According to TechCrunch news agency, FDA now allows treatment of life-threatening COVID-19 cases using blood from patients who have recovered from the virus.


"The method will come into effect with unstable cases of Coronavirus, wishing success and the likelihood of recovery for of them," he added.


"A number of research projects are underway regarding use of plasma against COVID-19, including a study by a team of Chinese medical professionals published in pre-print format (prior to any peer review) that studied 10 severe patients who received donations from recently recovered patients. That study found that in five of the 10 cases, the level of antibodies “increased rapidly” immediately post-transfusion (four other patients already had a high level of antibodies, and that persisted), and that within a week, the presence of the virus was undetectable in seven patients," TechCrunch news agency explained.


"Convalescent plasma transfusions have been used in previous outbreaks, including against the H1N1 flu, as well as the original SARS and MERS epidemics, with varying results," TechCrunch news agency stated.


(Translated and Edited by Zryan Jamal)



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