Sulaymaniyah's clothing factory turns into medical mask making factory

23/3/2020 18:03:00
     Sulaymaniyah's clothing factory turns into medical mask making factory

The demand over medical masks is increasing in recent period due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and this prompted one of the factories to change its production from the production of cotton clothes to the production of medical masks and vests in the area of ​​Said Sadiq of Sulaymaniyah Governorate, located 254.1 km southeast of Kurdistan Region capital, Erbil.


The owner of the factory, Amir Bahadin, told PUKmedia, "After the outbreak of the coronavirus in the cities of the Kurdistan Region, the demand over medical masks increased. I thought that I would turn my new project from a clothing production factory to a factory to produce medical masks because of the conditions that we are experiencing as a result of this disease and I believe that the factory is the first in producing masks of this good quality, with 5 filters, in Iraq."


"The factory was opened 15 days ago and is run by 18 graduated young men and women, which is an opportunity for them to work. The factory produces 1,300 masks per day and also produces vests."


"Our quality is better, our prices are competitive, and it is much less than the prices of the imported ones available in the markets," he added.



(Reported by Adnan Jaf from Sulaymaniyah, Translated and Edited by H.H.)




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