The Separation of Boys and Girls in High Schools ; Benefits and Demerits

1/3/2020 14:13:00
     The Separation of Boys and Girls in High Schools ; Benefits and Demerits

“Single–gender education and gender–isolated education is the practice of conducting education with male and female students attending separate classes, perhaps in separate buildings or schools.”(Wikipedia). The practice of separation of boys and girls in higher school was common before the 20th century. Although , some people believe that students should be educated with different classes or schools according to their gender. In my opinion, separation schools would not be a good decision. I think separation school is something like separating the blacks from the whites. 


However, many parents may think that it is not necessary for girls and boys to study together. Because girls and boys at this age are still not mature. Moreover, They believe that students at that grade may not be in a position to teach each other. They should focus on their studying. on the other hand, parents worry about their children who may make a relationship in the co-educational school and result in neglecting their studies. “Experts argued that boys and girls simply learn differently, and that each absorbs information better in differing environments.” (O’Gorek).


In addition, If you focus on those students who educated in single sex schools, you will know that they have more confidence and better performance. Furthermore, these students tend to not feel the pressures of gender roles. Girls are often known to be shyer than boys. While they are good at carrying out certain tasks with precision, their shyness when in a class full of boys can sometimes be difficult for them and cause them to hold back out of fears of ridicule, leading to reduction in class participation. Besides, they are afraid of failing in front of the opposite sex.


In contrast, If they are allowed to learn in the same class, they can come together and share their ideas because they have different thinking strategies. When students finish their studies, eventually they need to join the workforce. If they studied in a mixed classes, these experiences help them to make a better relationship and create a successful work processes. Additionally, when they are grown up together, their fear and shy are broken down. When they start their work, they Know how to contact with other gender. Besides, mixed gender schools create an educational environment where boys and girls receive opportunities together. Also It is the gender which makes a boy  or girl learn better. If they do not know how to discuss an ideas in an early age, it will be harder for those students to come up with different thinking method when they join a working community. Furthermore, in the real world  the two genders are not split up. “ A mixed gender school expresses more diversity with in the school and it teaches equality.” (Sanchez).


In conclusion, single sex schools are not the best choice for children to succeed. There is nothing wrong with both genders to be with each other. Besides, why separate boys and girls from each other when all separate schools does not change anything or make a difference. Therefore, boys and girls should not be in separate classes. Eventually, the students learn to work with the other gender.




PUKmedia - Parwa Abdullah Hama-Tofiq / Halabja University





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