Kurdish National Alliance congratulates PUK

21/2/2020 13:35:00

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) received congratulations from the Kurdish National Alliance in Syria (Hevbendî) on the occasion of the success of the 4th Congress and the election of the co-leaders of the PUK.


The National Alliance expressed, during a congratulatory message sent to the co-leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, its aspiration to consolidate and support the spirit of brotherhood with the PUK.


“We received with great relief the news of election of the co-leaders and the success of the 4th congress of your brotherly party, which constitutes a historic achievement for the PUK, where it came out with responsible decisions that entrenched the national and patriotic approach that late President "Mam Jalal" laid down its bricks and we all hope that your new leadership continues to follow the same path,” the message said.


"We in the Kurdish National Alliance in Syria (Hevbendî), while we express our support for the leadership emanating from the 4th Congress, we also look forward to consolidate the foundations of brotherhood between us and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to serve the interests of our people," the message added.



(Translated and Edited by H.H.)






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