Iraqi Presidential Advisor says DNA examination needed for 171 mass grave remains

16/2/2020 17:51:00

Sunday, Salar Mahmoud, Advisor to the Iraqi President, called for the need to conduct a DNA test for the remains of 171 Kurdiash women and children who are victims of mass graves in the Samawah desert, Iraq.


Mahmoud said in a special statement to PUKmedia that “It is the responsibility of the federal and Kurdish Regional governments to conduct DNA examinations for the remains of the victims,” explaining that “the DNA examinations provide knowledge of the victims’ identity, village and family.”


He added that “two international conferences on mass graves stressed the necessity of conducting a DNA examination for the victims’ families,” noting that “a number of remains’ identities are still unknown, and they were identified only by their Kurdish clothes.”


“Their remains are transferred to Kurdistan without conducting a DNA examination on them,” Mahmoud said.


He indicated that the second conference of mass graves, which was held in Erbil in 2008, stressed the following:


- Inviting the Iraqi government to prepare the infrastructure to excavate mass graves by providing DNA testing laboratories and databases.


The third conference of mass graves in Najaf in 2011 also confirmed:


- Calling on the Iraqi government to intensify efforts to bring in DNA laboratories and to qualify national cadres to use them as a complement to the technical procedures for the mass graves file.






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