KRG Forms high committee to implement reform law

12/2/2020 17:50:00

Wednesday, The Kurdistan Regional Government announced the formation of a high committee to implement the reform law in salaries, benefits and retirement.


The Parliament of Kurdistan had approved, during its regular session held on 16-01-2020, the draft reform law in the salaries of retirees, allowances, expenses and other concessions.


The government said in a statement that It decided during its regular meeting today, headed by Masrour Barzani, Prime Minister of the Regional Government, to form a supreme committee to follow up the steps of implementing the reform law in salaries, benefits and retirement, calling on all ministries and relevant political parties to support the implementation of the reform law.


The statement stressed the need to implement the law in a manner that includes all government institutions.


The statement indicated that the ministers were tasked with submitting their proposals to write a draft curriculum that facilitates the process of implementing the reform law in retirement and salaries, provided that the report is submitted to the Cabinet within a period of 15 days.






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