Committee of artists from all parts of Kurdistan to be formed

10/2/2020 18:50:00

Monday, a number of Sulaymaniyah artists discussed in the city of Sulaymaniyah during a meeting with representatives of artists in northern Kurdistan and western Kurdistan, the formation of a committee of artists from all parts of Kurdistan, with the aim of setting up joint artistic activities away from partisanship.


In a statement to PUKmedia, Shilan Othman said that "the meeting took place with the participation of the artists of Sulaimaniyah, Diyar Darsem, the great artist from northern Kurdistan, and the great artist Khalil Ghamgin from western Kurdistan."


"the meeting discussed the formation of a committee of artists from the four parts of Kurdistan to set up joint activities," she added.


Othman pointed out that "the aim of the committee is to set up joint artistic activities and provide artistic works for the four parts of Kurdistan with the aim of providing services to the people and allocating the revenues to charitable work."


"An artistic concert is scheduled to be organized with the participation of artists from the four parts of Kurdistan and showcased in all cities of the Kurdistan Region and other parts of Kurdistan," she added.




PUKmedia- Hazha Basit


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