Harb: Government formation period cannot be extended

8/2/2020 12:53:00

Saturday, The legal expert, Tariq Harb confirmed that the period of formation of the Council of Ministers is a fall period, contrary to the period of nomination and assignment that are organizational periods.


Tariq Harb made a plea to the Prime Minister through PUKmedia in which he said: "Sir, the Prime Minister-Designate, hasten in formation of the government, the constitution considers the period of formation of the cabinet as fall period, meaning if the thirty-day period of formation of the cabinet ends, it cannot be extended and you cannot be re-assigned to form the government."


"This period differs from the other periods which are organizational periods and not fall periods, such as the period of determining the largest bloc and the period of the President of the Republic's assignment, as they are  permissible to be changed and extended for more than 15 days," he added.


Harb stated that the constitution has obliged the President of the Republic to appoint a new candidate if the assigned one fails to form the cabinet in 30 days.


Clarifying that this is a fall period, as the name of the appointed PM who was unable to form the cabinet during the 30 days period falls and is replaced by another person in accordance with the provisions of Article 76 of the Constitution.


The President of the Republic, Barham Salih appointed last week, Muhammed Tawfiq Allawi to form the new transitional Iraqi government after two months over the resignation of former PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi.


Former Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi submitted resignation late November, following mass protests that have gripped Iraq since October, with mostly young protesters demanding an overhaul of the political system.




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