Street art ... New phenomenon spreading in the Kurdistan Region

28/1/2020 13:40:00

"Street art" is a new phenomenon that invades the streets of the Kurdistan Region, especially the city of Sulaymaniyah of the Kurdistan region, although it is a well-known phenomenon in the West. 


Small bands composed of one, two or three people choose one of the sidewalks in the streets or markets to play music and spread joy and usually get some money from passers-bys.


Ihsan Muzaffari, a musician who plays guitar from Kermanshah in Iran and says, "We came to the city of Sulaymaniyah two months ago to work here, so we decided to play different types of music on the sidewalks of the streets. I am happy to be here. .The people of Sulaymaniyah and tourists receive our music with applause and encouragement, and they are not stingy in giving us money. "


"I think this art is a new artistic phenomenon here, but it is known in other countries where this art embraces young talents and gives them an opportunity to prove their existence and it is a work that generates some money for these young artists," he added.


It is noteworthy that street art spread in the eighties of the last century in different types, as there are painting on walls, displaying paintings, music and magic and acrobatic games. This art differs from other arts because it has many ways for expression and has free and smooth nature ideas and some consider it as a rebellion art.




PUKmedia / Adnan Al-Jaf - Al-Sulaymaniyah




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