Story of Yazidi child who survived Al-Hawl camp

28/1/2020 11:27:00

Media in western Kurdistan (northeastern Syria) reported on Monday that the Yazidi child, Malak Saad Dakhil was liberated from Al-Hawl camp and returned to the Yazidi house in Amouda, a town in Al Hasakah Governorate, western Kurdistan. 


Until now the Yazidi House has liberated more than 54 women in coordination with the Al-Hawl camp administration, in addition to 179 children, While searches are still ongoing for others.


“I was kidnapped 5 years ago by ISIS in 2014, when they started their attack on Sinjar," said the ten-year-old Yazidi child.


"My father was killed in Sinjar. As for me, my mother and my brother, Radhwan .. they took us to a big house, then we were moved by cars to the town of Hajin in Deir ez-Zor.”


"After about a year, my mother and my little brother were killed as a result of an air strike on the house we were living in, Hajin town. There was nothing left of my family except for me. After I was taken to hospital and recovered, a woman took me and I stayed with her until I came here, she was of Arab origin from the Syrian city of Homs," she added.


The SDF had handed over Malak to the Yazidi house in Al-Jazeera region and she is due to be returned to her family soon.


A source familiar with PUKmedia said on Saturday that the Yazidi House received an 11-year-old Yazidi child named Malak Saad Dakhil on Friday who was liberated from Al-Hawl camp, explaining that the child was identified among the families of ISIS terrorist gangs in the camp.


Adding that the girl will soon be returned to her family in Sinjar, noting that the Syrian Democratic Forces have freed thousands of Yazidis from the grips of the terrorist organization in Syria.


It is noteworthy that ISIS occupied vast swathes of land in both Iraq and Syria in 2014, including a major Iraqi city 'Mosul' and Sinjar -the main settlement areas of the Yazidis- in Nineveh Governorate, declaring a caliphate across both countries. 


ISIS committed mass massacres against the Yazidis, killing more than 5,000 of them, in addition to abducting  5,000 to 7,000 Yazidi women and children who later used them as slaves. 


Iraq declared victory over ISIS terrorists in 2017 and the militants lost their last territory in Syria in 2019.




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