President Salih conveyed Iraq's message to the world in Davos

25/1/2020 14:29:00

Officials and MPs emphasize the importance of participation of the President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Salih in the World Economic Forum in Davos and what he is doing on the internal and external levels to achieve balance in Iraq and the region.


This year's World Economic Forum was held in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland and was held with the participation of world leader including President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Salih. 


The President of the Republic's participation received criticism from some parties claiming that his participation was for personal interests.


Regarding that matter Hawzhin Omar, Adviser to the President of the Republic, told PUKmedia on Saturday that "The participation of Iraq in such a gathering is important, as there are important meetings held between world leaders during the forum period."

He added that President Barham Salih participated in the forum because of its importance for Iraq, pointing out that the President of the Republic canceled official visits to several countries during the past few months against the backdrop of demonstrations in Iraq, so he did not participate in this event for "personal goals".


He pointed out that the criticisms leveled against the President of the Republic regarding participation in the Forum were out of political motives, and were not feasible, stressing that the President’s speech at the Forum proved that, and refuted what was said about President Barham Salih by some parties, and even received Positive feedback in Iraq and the international media.


The adviser to the President of the Republic pointed out that the participation of Iraq in the Davos Forum has positive results, as the forum discusses the latest economic visions, and that is of great benefit to Iraq, as in such forums, economic agreements are concluded between countries.


For his part, a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Taha Amin stressed that the President of the Republic participated in the Davos Forum with an official invitation, and conveyed the message of Iraq to all countries of the world, especially the United States.


"The participation of President Barham Salih was important, especially his meeting with his American counterpart Donald Trump, as he emphasized respect for the relations between Iraq and other countries and the need to strengthen them," said MP Taha.


MP Taha Amin asserted that the President of the Republic seeks to give Iraq its international position, and to build good relations with the United States, Iran, the regional state and all countries of the world indicating that President Barham Salih managed to achieve political consensus at the level of Iraq and the region.




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