Iraqi President meets with his US counterpart Donald Trump

22/1/2020 14:40:00

Wednesday, within the schedule of his daily meetings with a number of leaders and heads of state, the President Iraq,  Barham Salih, held an in-depth discussions with US President Donald Trump, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos.


Iraqi President stressed the need to intensify international efforts to establish security and stability at the international and regional levels, pointing out that consolidating and strengthening them is the only way to ensure the achievement of a comprehensive peace in the region.


Barham Salih added that Iraq is keen to establish balanced relations with all friends and allies in a manner that enhances its sovereignty and respect for its independent decision and achieves the interests of the Iraqi people, and to continue economic development and reconstruction and not to allow Iraq to turn into an arena for conflict and settling scores.


For his part, the US President renewed his country's support for the stability of Iraq, and its keenness on strengthening common relations and expanding the volume of cooperation between Iraq and the United States to serve the interests of the two countries, valuing the central Iraqi role in the region.


Donald Trump and Barham Salih also discussed the the presence of foreign forces in Iraq, and the importance of respecting the demands of the Iraqi people in preserving national sovereignty and ensuring security and stability.





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