MP: The Situation in Iraq is heading towards greater crisis

18/1/2020 11:05:00

The situation in Iraq is heading towards greater crisis, so it is necessary to speed up resolving the file of forming the government and extend its control over all regions, MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc in the Council of Representatives warned on Saturday.


"Iraq is witnessing a state of division over the issue of forming the new government,"  MP Taha Hama Amin said during a special statement to PUKmedia.


According to MP Taha, there is a proposal that suggests that Adil Abdel-Mahdi should stay in office, but this matter will face international and regional difficulties. 


Abdul-Mahdi is trying to implement the decision to expel foreign forces and activate the economic agreements that he signed with China as soon as possible, he added. 


"But this matter will face great challenges. Will the West accept Abdul-Mahdi's stay in his post?"


"As we see that the street is also divided, it did not present any candidate for prime minister, so the situation in Iraq is heading towards more crisis, in addition to the lack of agreement of the political blocs on a common candidate," he said.


"The important question here is, can Adel Abdul-Mahdi control the current conditions if he remains in office? And if he steps down from the premiership, who is the alternative? Unfortunately, there are no serious proposals in this field yet," MP Taha explained.


It is worth knowing that PM Abdul-Mahdi submitted resignation to the parliament November last year following wide protest that have erupted since October last year in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces, which led to the death of hundreds and wounded thousands among security forces and protesters.






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