Peshmerga: No casualties in Erbil

8/1/2020 11:41:00

The Ministry of Peshmerga in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced that two of Iranian rockets landed in the Kurdistan Region's capital Erbil, without causing any casualties.


"Two rockets landed in Erbil city, the first landed near the Erbil airport and did not explode, and the second landed in the Bardarsh ​​area without causing any casualties," Jabbar Yawar, Secretary General of the Peshmerga Ministry, told PUKmedia.


Bardarash is a town located in Kurdistan Region, Dohuk Governorate, 70 km north of Erbil city.


"We have not recorded any casualties in the city of Erbil and we can reassure the citizens that the conditions in the city are good and stable," he added.


Pointing out that flights are continuing at Erbil International Airport, and the conditions are all normal.


Yawar also stated that the International Coalition has not had any reactions until and and reassured citizens that the situation in the Kurdistan Region and Erbil in particular is stable.


For their parts, Norway, Poland, Denmark and Germany announced that none of their troops have been killed or injured in the attack.


Meanwhile some Kurdish media quoted the Kurdistan Region's Interior Ministry as saying that "last nights rocket attack did not cause any casualties."


Iran fired more than a dozen missiles from Iranian territory against at least two Iraqi military bases hosting US-led coalition personnel on Wednesday early hours.






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