Technical inspection of a mass grave in Fallujah

15/12/2019 13:25:00

On Sunday, the Federal Martyrs Foundation announced the start of conducting the first technical inspection of a mass grave in the Fallujah district, east of Anbar Governorate and located roughly 69 kilometers west of Iraqi capital Baghdad on the Euphrates.


The Martyrs Foundation said in a statement that, "The technical team specialized in the field of research, investigation and excavation of mass graves of the Martyrs Foundation conducted a preliminary technical disclosure of a mass grave located in Anbar Governorate _ Fallujah District / Al-Fayyad Village, which was found by workers who were working on excavating a water canal used for irrigation purposes."


"The team noticed the bones and clothes appearing on the surface as a result of indiscriminate drilling, and also called the security forces in Fallujah to speed up the fencing of the grave site in order to preserve the loss of crime evidence and prevent tampering and exhuming by stray animals until the completion of legal and technical procedures to start opening the grave," the statement added.


It is noteworthy that the cemetery is about 10 km from the center of Fallujah, and about 1 km from the main street.


Iraq has many mass graves left by former Saddam regime. The mass graves mostly contain Kurds, who were killed by Saddam's Baath regime in a genocidal act because of their ethnicity.


A mass grave was found in Samawah last summer which contained the remains of 80 bodies of Kurds,the majority of them were women and children, who were killed during the Anfal campaign of former Baath regime.






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