President Salih may act as the Prime Minister

14/12/2019 11:06:00

A member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed that there is a possibility that the President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Ahmed Salih would perform the duties of the Federal Prime Minister until a person is nominated to form a government.


Iraq is witnessing demonstrations in capital Baghdad and other provinces since last October, which resulted in the death of more than 400 and wounded thousands among demonstrators and security forces.


Federal Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi submitted his resignation to the Council of Representatives in late November following two months of protests, while the Council accepted his resignation in a session on Sunday 1/12/2019.


A member of the Legal Committee of the PUK Bloc, Almas Fadhil said in a special statement to PUKmedia on Saturday that "according to the constitution, the President of the Republic may take over the functions of the Prime Minister if the political blocs didn't reach an agreement in naming a candidate for the position."


"But it is more legal for the President of the Republic to appoint a person to form the government if the political forces reached an agreement on it, in order to avoid any constitutional or legal vacuum," she added.


MP Almas Fadhil expressed the hope that the political blocs will reach an agreement in nominating a person to assign him to form a government, pointing out that there are names on the table and discussions are continuing.


It is worth mentioning that Article (81) of the Iraqi Constitution states that "the President of the Republic shall act as the Prime Minister when the position becomes vacant for any reason whatsoever."






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