Netherlands have a film show in remembrance for late artist, Generali Paiz

10/12/2019 10:07:00

The Kurdish Media Center in Netherlands have a film show of 'mn heshta namom' which means 'I'm still mysterious' in English, in remembrance for late artist, Generali Paiz.


The Kurdish Media Center in Netherlands will organize a memorable day for commemorating the late Kurdish artist, Mohammed Omer Osman on Sunday, December 14, 2019. An artist, Kiya Aziz for the first time, perform the show of 'I'm still mysterious' about late artist, Generali Paiz's earlier life. Later on, Dr. Mariwan Wrya Qani' will present a discussion on the late artist, Generali Paiz.


The commemoration will be displayed in Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam based on these adresses Adres: Buurthuis de meevaart, Balistraat 48a,  1094 JN Amsterdam.


For participating in commemoration of the late artist, Generali Paiz, you may call these numbers:


Alan Amin 0655873577


Ibrahim Ali Saeed 0645262337


Mabast Ja'fer 0683826334 


Sardar Fatah 0684950807 


Or email Kurdish Media Center,  [email protected]





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