The Central Council supports the Leadership Council decision

7/12/2019 11:51:00

The Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan confirmed its support for the decision of the leadership council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on holding the 4th congress.


The Leadership Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan set December 21, 2019, as the date for the 4th congress of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.


The Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said in a statement that "The council’s secretariat and committees held a meeting, during which they praised the leadership’s decision and confirmed their support for this decision", wishing the congress would be held at the specified date.


"We thank all members, cadres, masses and institutions of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan for their support for the decision of the Central Council to hold the 4th congress during the current month," the statement added.


The Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has issued a statement consisting of seven points about the 4th congress of the PUK.


In its statement, the Central Council emphasized the following points:


1- The conference of the headquarters has to be held early next week, for which all the preparations have been completed. 


2- The fourth congress must be held this month, it must not be delayed into next year.


3- if for any personal or unlawful reason the congress gets to delay into next year, we as the central council will not take this historical responsibility and we will respect the will of the unionists.


4- We thank the electoral office and higher elections committee for performing their duties successfully.


5- The central council rejects all the closed lists, it support a transparent and democratic process.


6- The Central Council thanks all comrades who come to the Central Council and ask for our stance and support.  


7- We are closely overseeing the meetings of the elites committee and we hope they make proper decisions in those sensitive and historic moments to delight the spirits of President Mam Jalal and all of our nation's martyrs.






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