A library for the blind in Sulaymaniyah

3/12/2019 16:05:00

Tuesday- On the occasion of the International Day of Disabled Persons, which falls on the 3rd of December of each year, the Association of the Blind in cooperation with the Public Library in Sulaymaniyah opens a special library for the blind to read and write through audio devices and Braille for the first time in Iraq.


It is noteworthy that the third of December is the International Day of Disabled Persons, which has been dedicated by the United Nations since 1992 to support people with special needs.


"I congratulate all the people with special needs in the world, especially in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and we are happy today to open a special library for the blind, the first in Iraq and provide intellectual and educational services," said Shano Peshraw, an official of the Blind Union.


"We call on the provincial government to take into account the situation of people with special needs, especially the blind, to find work for them so that they can be self-reliant and not dependent on others," he added.


Sabir Abdullah, the director of the Human Rights Office in Sulaymaniyah, called on the federal government and the regional Kurdish government to implement the laws of the international community for people with special needs and to take into account their current situation and provide all humanitarian services to them.


"Opening a library for the blind is a good initial gesture, which is a correct step and needs more steps to take care of this important segment of society," Abdullah said.






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