Rockets land near Qayyarah military camp

8/11/2019 22:16:00

Seventeen rockets landed near a military base hosting US troops in the north of the country on Friday, causing no casualties or major damage, an Iraqi army statement said.


The Security Information Cell said 17 rockets landed on the Qayyarah base in Nineveh.


The cell said in a press statement that "security forces are conducting a search for terrorist elements who fired 17 missiles at the base of Qayyara in the province of Nineveh."


"The rockets caused no casualties or damage," it added.


Earlier, Nineveh operations command Major General Nouman al-Zobaie said Friday that four rockets landed near Qayyarah military camp, while three terrorists were killed.


"Four rockets landed outside the Qayyarah military camp and the attack were immediately responded," Zobaie said in a statement.


He added that "A vehicle was destroyed, three terrorists were killed and three rockets were found and lifted from the scene," confirming "the seizure of a second vehicle loaded with a missile base near the base of Qayyarah."




PUKmedia / Agencies


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