Mazloum Kobani: 30,000 civilians were displaced after the ceasefire agreement

8/11/2019 22:06:00

The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Mazloum Kobani, has announced the death toll of SDF fighjters since the ceasefire began in northeastern Syria.


Abdi said in a tweet on Friday that the Turkish army and armed factions loyal to him continued to violate the ceasefire agreement.


"Turks and their jihadist proxies keep attacking NE Syria and taking more territory every hour," Abdi said.


" After the ceasefire agreement made with US officials @VP directed by @POTUS, 182 of our comrades and tens civilians were martyred, 30k civilians were displaced, 1100 km² was occupied," Abdi added.


Mazloum Abdi stressed that the SDF has complied with all the obligations of the ceasefire agreement, in order to protect our people from killing and displacement. 


"Our successful anti-terrorist programme &our joint operations to ensure the defeat of ISIS have resumed and we are now protecting the oilfields with American forces," Kobani said.




PUKmedia / Agencies


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