The outcome of combat operations during the past 24 hours in western Kurdistan

8/11/2019 15:51:00

The Syrian Democratic Forces revealed the outcome of the combat operations during the past 24 hours, and confirmed the seizure of weapons and ammunition, and the killing of 13 mercenaries.


The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces issued a statement, obtained by PUKmedia a copy of it on Friday, which revealed the outcome of combat operations during the past 24 hours.


The statement said that despite the announced ceasefire agreement, the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions continue to carry out land and air attacks on northeastern Syria in violation of all treaties.


The statement added: In the town of Tal Tamr, the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions continue their attacks with heavy weapons and drones.


The statement continued: In Zarkan (Abu Rasin), the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions attacked on the village of Tal Mohammed with tanks and heavy weapons, which led to the outbreak of battles between our forces and terrorist factions supported by the Turkish army.


The statement pointed out that in the town of Ayn Issa, the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions bombarded the villages of Khirbet Fares, Shirkrak, Zanuba, Masudiya, Debs, Khirbet Karam, Qazali, Kafifa and Wabda with heavy weapons and tanks. But our forces were able to destroy two military vehicles, a tank and a DShK loaded vehicle near the international highway, killing 13 mercenaries and wounding 19 others, and our forces seized 3 weapons and ammunition.


"In this heroic resistance, 12 of our fighters were martyred and seven were wounded," the statement said.




PUKmedia / Media Center of SDF



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