SDF controls areas in al-Hasakah

8/11/2019 12:42:00

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Friday that the Syrian Democratic Forces and regime forces took control of the village of "Um Shu'ayfa" in the province of al-Hasakah, after imposing full control on the village of Shirkrak in Ayn Issa district of the governorate of Raqqa on Thursday, after over 72 hours of fierce battles against the pro-Turkish factions.


Credible sources confirmed to the Observatory that the village of "Shirkrak" is under the control of the SDF completely, where "SDF" responded to violent attacks carried out by the pro-Turkish factions who had air and ground support from the Turkish forces, and succeeded in preventing the advancement of the pro-Turkish factions.


"200 meters before the Shirkrak village, there are checkpoints for regime forces and SDF forces. In general, there are some villages that are not under the control of anyone, where there are fierce fighting," the sources added.


The Syrian Observatory documented heavy casualties from the shelling and clashes, today, where 14 members of the "SDF" and 11 mercenaries of the pro-Ankara factions were martyred.




PUKmedia / Syrian Observatory




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