Google Maps adds Incognito Mode to increase privacy of users

6/11/2019 09:26:00

Google Maps has started rolling out a new feature that promises to increase the privacy for users.


An update to the popular application has revealed users will soon be able use Incognito Mode, which will prevent location data being stored by Google Maps. 


The company said the change means Google Maps will not save browsing or search history, send notifications or update Location History or shared location.


Previously users could only erase this data manually after it had already been recorded by the app.


The tech giant said Incognito Mode would not affect "how your activity is used or saved by internet providers, other apps, voice search, and other Google services".


"Google Assistant is a system feature that isn't a part of Incognito Mode for Maps, so any information you share with it will be saved as usual," the company said.


Users who keep Incognito Mode constantly enabled will prevent the app being used offline, while also removing recommendations based on your previous movements.


"Turn it off at any time to return to a personalised experience with restaurant recommendations, information about your commute, and other features tailored to you," Google said.


Google said the feature is currently being rolled out in stages and will incrementally become available for Android users over the coming months.


There is no word on when the feature will become available for iOS devices. 


Incognito Mode has become one of Google's most popular privacy controls since being launched with Chrome in 2008. It was added to YouTube earlier this year.


How to turn on Incognito mode:

1.       Open the Google Maps app 

2.       Tap on your profile picture 

3.       Tap on "Turn on Incognito mode"



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