Bafel Talabani: The sacrifices of the Sinjar people cannot be forgotten

31/10/2019 10:39:00

On Wednesday, October 30, 2019, Bafel Talabani received a delegation from the PUK’s organizations center Sinjar headed by Daoud Jundi, his deputies and a number of members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Sinjar.


Talabani said during the meeting that the people of Sinjar in general and the Yazidis in particular played a prominent and honorable role in PUK since its establishment and until today and it is not less important than the role of the rest of the components of the Kurdish people.


Talabani stressed that the Patriotic Union cannot forget your sacrifices and blood that you have given in the service of your party under the banner of your spiritual father Mam Jalal.


He expressed his enlightenment to meet with the students of President Mam Jalal, thanking the delegation and stressing at the same time that this meeting will not be the last between us, you are an honor for the PUK.



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