Lebanese Art and Beauty in Kurdistan

22/10/2019 15:09:00

Today Lebanon is considered one of the most important and advanced countries in the field of art and beauty and is considered a beauty icon in the Arab world.


Today, the Lebanese song is the most prevalent in the Arab world because of the beauty, art and Lebanese music and the Arab world 's love for Lebanese art.


The beautiful Lebanese artist, Hasna Mattar who was a member of the Lebanese band 'Bendali', one of the most prominent teams that became famous in the seventies and eighties and was famous not only in Lebanon but also in Iraq and some Arab countries, talks about her experience with the Kurd and Arab people of Iraq.


Hasna Mattar said: "I am fascinated by the Iraqi people, the Kurds and the Arabs, because I did not expect that I would be welcomed and embraced in this way and I did not imagine I would be so addicted to loving this people. Today, Iraq is my second country and I currently reside in the Kurdistan region between the city of Sulaymaniyah and Erbil, and today I have a lot of artistic activities between the two cities."


She added: "I have produced a lot of joint Iraqi and Lebanese works and learned a lot of the origins of Iraqi and Arab singing through the Iraqi art which is known in the Arab and international world."


And about her latest art works she said: "My recent work includes a collection of Iraqi-Lebanese songs that are still in production".


She explained: "As for the Kurdish language, it is an achievement because I did not master the Kurdish language but nevertheless the performance was more than wonderful, the Kurdish language is a beautiful language and very close to my heart. The mutual love between me and the Kurdish people helped me convey my feelings and love to them. One of the most popular songs that have been popular among the people is the song "Hail the Peshmerga"."




PUKmedia - Mohammed Khalid Al-Najjar


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